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Toad Suck Daze has received numerous international awards for our children's programming – and for good reason. Hands-on educational activities, character meet-and-greets, performances from school groups, interactive shows, and kiddie amusement rides will ensure your kids never utter those dreaded words: "I'm bored."  

Toadal Kids Zone, Toad Dome and Tinkerfest are tobacco- and vapor-free.

Croaker the Toad holds a child's hand.


Croaker W. Toad and Dazey Toad are the official mascots of Toad Suck Daze. These siblings are always up to something fun and exciting. 

Popular children's characters interact with kids at Toad Suck Daze.


kids have several chances to meet their favorite characters from books and TV. Characters from PBS can be found on Saturday and Sunday morning in Tinkerfest Check the schedules of these areas to find your favorite.

A magician performing onstage for a crowd of children.


Kids will be in awe with the magic of Toad Suck Daze. Magicians perform throughout the festival weekend in Toadal Kids Zone.

A balloon artist creates animals for children.


Who doesn’t love a good balloon animal or flower? Balloon artists perform their twisty art during the weekend in Toadal Kids Zone.

Dancers tap-dancing onstage.And-Gym.jpg


Dancers, gymnasts, and singers of all ages take to the stage in the Toadal Kids Zone to showcase all the hard work they've put into their talents.

A young boy pets a goat in a petting zoo.


Featuring goats, rabbits, and more the petting zoo in the Toadal Kids Zone gives kids a look at farm life. Kids can spend time loving and feeding their new four-legged friends. There are also pony rides for the adventurous.

A father ctahces his baby coming down a


Toadal Kids Zone has a large play area for young children. It is like being in your own backyard with slides and playhouses. Located next to the sandbox, this free play area can keep children entertained for hours.

Kids and adults play in a large sandbox.


Toadal Kids Zone boast a giant sandbox. With buckets and shovels kids can dig holes and build sandcastles. Located next to the play area, the sandbox provides hours of entertainment.

Clowns on stilts greet festivalgoers at Toad Suck Daze.


Clowns, jugglers and stilt walkers have a fun personality that brings joy to children of all ages.  They can be found walking through the festival and especially in Toadal Kids Zone.

A young girl with her face freshly painted smiles.


If you're wandering around Toad Suck Daze, you might notice some fun and colorful faces. And no, we're not talking about popular chuildren's characters! Visit one of the facepainting booths at the Toad Market and and show some Toad Suck spirit.

A child plays with a latge structure made from wooden blocks.


Tinkerfest focuses on STEAM education providing interactive activities for older children. Activities include a car take a part, mosaic making, building challenges, and more. There is also an interactive stage with amazing science shows and demonstrations.

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